Vision CNC Engraving Machine Buying Guide

Vision CNC Engraving Machine
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Buying a CNC Engraving Machine

For the best performance and reliability from a CNC engraving machine, there is no better manufacturer in the U.S. than Vision Engraving and Routing Systems. With a Vision CNC engraving machine that we supply, you can precisely and professionally complete once-off or large run projects with ease. With their diverse range of capabilities and workable materials, the range of CNC engraving machines we offer are the ultimate engraving solutions.

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Choosing which machine is ideal for you or your business is important to maximize both your profits and efficiency. In this article, we will explore our Vision CNC engraving machine options and capabilities to help you make the right choice.



CNC Router Options

We offer several Vision CNC engraving machine models. In short, some of the available CNC routers include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • – 2525 CNC Router: With a heavy-duty extruded gantry and a 25″ x 25″ T-slot table. 
  • – 2550 CNC Router: Vacuum table model available. 25″ x 50: T-slot table. 
  • – VR48 CNC Router: With an impressive 4′ x 8′ routing area and T-slot or vacuum table model variety.  


These CNC routers have various options available that can help to make your life easier and improve the overall capabilities of your machine.


The options for our Vision CNC engraving machine systems are as follows that you can add to your choice of CNC router include:


  • – Oscillating Knife: With this option, you will be able to precisely cut into semi-rigid materials such as cork, graphic foam boards, rubber, felt, vinyl and several other semi-rigid materials.  
  • – High-Precision Engraving Head: For the highest precision engraving, we have engraving heads that can allow you to tackle the most finite project with ease and precision.  
  • – Automatic Raster Braille Bead Insertion Tool (ADA-Compliant): For ADA-complaint engraving and signage, the Automatic Raster Braille Bead Insertion tools makes braille simple to do. Fully compatible with Vision Pro software and includes braille fonts. 
  • – Digitally Aligned Cutting System (DACS): If absolute precision is a must, then our DACS option can assist. The alignment tool creates perfect “print-to-cut” registration. Minimal training coupled with easy-to-use software makes every digital finish perfection.  
  • – Vision Rotary Attachment: With the Vision Rotary Attachment, you will be able to engrave on usually-shaped objects such as cylinders up to 10″ in diameter.  


The options available on our Vision CNC engraving machine systems help to make quick work of any routing or engraving project.



Capabilities of Vision CNC Engraving Machine

There are two major aspects that separate Vision rotary-based machines from competitors; reliability and versatility. Unlike some competitors, the capabilities of a Vision CNC engraving machine are vast. This is due to both its rugged design, able to work at industrial output levels, and our machines’ ability to work on a wider range of materials.


With a Vision CNC engraving machine, you will be able to work on materials such as:


  • – Wood 
  • – Lamicoid 
  • – Plexiglass 
  • – Metals from brass to stainless steel 
  • – Glass 
  • – Semi-rigid materials such as felt, cork, rubber, gasket materials and more with the oscillating knife 


With the range of materials that our machines are designed to effectively work on, you can expect a wider range of project undertakings, such as:


  • – ADA-compliant signage 
  • – Deep metal engraving  
  • – Name plates 
  • – Badges 
  • – Control panels 
  • – Letter cutouts 
  • – Cutting out sheets 
  • – Parts marking 
  • – And more 


The use of our machines is not limited to highly experienced professionals; each of our systems comes with the Vision Pro software that is both easy to use and effective and creating and even importing projects from many popular design programs. Programs such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Auto-Cad, Flexipro, and Cadlink among others have full compatibility with the Vision Pro software. This means that importing a project from any of these programs is very simple.


You can import file types such as: 


  • – PDF 
  • – PLT 
  • – AI 
  • – DXP 
  • – And more 


The goal is to provide you with a routing and engraving system that can meet all of your business needs without requiring extensive experience. In fact, we provide basic training with the purchase of one of our machines to help you reach your routing and engraving potential.



Why Vision and Great Lakes?

Great Lakes Engraving Solutions have partnered with Vision Engraving and Routing System because they have a proven track record of over 37 years in the industry. Vision are well known for the reliable and durable designs, and with regular maintenance, you can expect your machine to last almost indefinitely. It’s not unusual for you to hear about some of the first Vision machines ever sold still in operation today. Reliable and tough.


Both Vision and Great Lakes Engraving Solutions strive to provide the best costumer experience. We care about our customers’ satisfaction and this is revealed in the manner in which we address any unforeseen issue and handle parts service delivery. Since all of the Vision machines are built right here in the U.S., you can expect quick turn-around times for parts and not having to deal with foreign companies to secure your parts.


Since customer satisfaction is so important to us, we often offer additional training for new people who wish to operate a Vision machine. This means that if you have a new employee starting, we can help them hit the ground running by showing them to correct way to use the machine and the steps to take to ensure proper maintenance.


Our customers’ success is our success. If we do not believe that we have an ideal product for your specific needs, we won’t keep it secret. We believe in honesty and transparency to help your business achieve success.


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