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New and Used Glass Engraving Machine

For the best possible glass engraving, a rotary-based engraver is needed. A rotary glass engraving machine can allow you to work with any type of glass or shape with ease. At Great Lakes Engraving Solutions, we supply a range of engravers from a leading manufacturer in Phoenix, AZ, bringing you rugged, durable new and used engravers perfect for glass engraving.

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Our engravers, supplied by Vision Engravings and Routing Systems, are top-of-the-line rotary engravers. Vision is a well-established market leader in engraving machinery. They have built their reputation on providing the most durable and reliable engravers for over 37 years. When you buy a Vision engraver, you will know that you bought a workhorse capable of industrial level work with the highest level of precision.



Used Glass Engraving Machine

One of the things that makes a Vision glass engraving machine a leading brand is their durability even after countless hours of use. While some things are made with little concern for long-term use, Vision builds machines that last. Some of the very engravers that came out Vision are still, to this day, in operation. This is a testament to the quality of the product that they produce.


Each of the used glass engraving machines that we offer has been carefully inspected and repaired if necessary, by the manufacturer, ensuring that even when you buy a used machine, that you are able to use it to its maximum potential. Whether you buy new or used, you can rest assured that your glass engraving needs will be met, and with standard maintenance, your machine will function perfectly for years to come.



The Max and Max Pro

The most popular glass engravers are the Max and Max Pro. The reason for this preference is because these two Vision machines are ideally suited to engraving on all kinds of glass surfaces.


While all of our engraving machine range can engrave on flat glass surfaces, the Max and Max Pro have an added feature that allows them to effortlessly engrave on curved or cylindrical glass surfaces as easily as they can on flat surfaces. Since many of the glass engraving projects can require you to engrave on objects such as bottles or glasses, these two machines are ideal.


The Max and Max Pro come equipped with a built-in feature that makes curved-surface engraving a breeze by utilizing the 4th axis. The multi-axis rotary system is perfect for heavy-duty engraving work and while glass a material that it can easily work on with the diamond cutter, any type of metal, wood, or plastic material is just as easy to engrave on.


The Max Pro also comes with the added benefit of having a self-contained water system, increasing its efficiency. This system together with the built-in cylindrical feature makes the Max Pro the best glass engraving machine.


Another of the added benefits of the Max and Max Pro, especially compared to other types of engravers such as CO2 laser engravers, is that glass with lead is not a problem at all for the diamond-tip cutter of the rotary-based machines. Laser technology, on the other hand, has problems with glass that has lead content.



Vision and Great Lakes Engraving Solutions

Vision is a proudly-American manufacturer. Based in Phoenix, AZ, they have provided rugged and reliable engravers for over 37 years. Their success has been built on creating the most reliable engravers that are capable of thousands of hours of work. Customer service for Vision, as with Great Lakes Engraving Solutions, is of the utmost importance.


Since you are buying local, you won’t have to wait weeks for a part to be shipped from overseas. This not only saves you a great deal of time in the long run but also money since transport fees are minimal. Same and next day delivery is one of the reasons why business trust Vision and Great Lakes Engraving to provide them with their glass engraving solution.


Great Lakes Engraving Solutions is a family-owned business. We got into this business because we want to help our customers succeed in their business endeavors. We understand that outsourcing engraving work can be tedious and costly. We also understand that it may seem daunting to do all of the engraving work in-house. However, our systems are easy to use and we offer free training for any of our clients that require it. Even if a new employee requires training down the road, we are happy to train them to use the glass engraving machine to its maximum potential.


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