Max Pro Engraver

The Most Versatile Rotary Engraver on the Market Today

The Max Pro rotary engraver is ideal for glass engraving projects, no matter what shape. The interchangeable, self-centering vise, makes engraving flat, deep, round or cylindrical items easy. The self contained, recirculating water pump is often used to engrave glass, but its automatic surface sensor feature allows for flat and curved surface engraving on a wide variety of other materials such as plastic, brass, coated, coated and non-coated metals, crystal, artificial stone and much more. Engravers will also love the intuitive features of the Max Pro. Specially featured on the Max Pro is an auto laser feature, which transmits the engraving area and position to the software without measuring. To top it all all of, a red laser pointer makes job set-ups easy and fast. All of the user-friendly features are backed by a limited 2-year warranty.

Special Features

Removable 8″ x 12″ aluminum T-slot table

Engraving speeds up to 10″ per second

Interchangeable, self-centering vise with tilt for engraving deep, long or odd-shaped items

Self-contained, recirculating water pump for use as a glass engraving machine

Red laser pointer for easy job set-up

Integrated Series 3 controller

Fully-featured hand held pendant w/ LCD

A built-in cylindrical feature for engraving round items

16,000-RPM spindle (collet optional) w/ 3″ of travel

Runs directly from Vision, Vision PRO-LT, Vision PRO, CorelDRAW™, Flexi-Sign™, SignLAB™, EngraveLAB™, Enroute™, Type 3™ and many other software packages

2-year Limited Warranty

Made in the U.S.A