Max Engraver

Multi-Axis Rotary Engraving Machine with Super-Fast Engraving Speeds

The Max Engraver is Visions first multi-axis rotary engraving machine that is ideal for heavy-duty work, including marking items such as tools, cylinders, pipers and gauges. With engraving speeds of up to 10″ per second and a removable 8″x12″ flat engraving table, the Max can engrave just about anything from cylindrical items up to 11″ in diameter and flat items up to 11″ thick. Best of all, the red laser pointer and self-centering vise makes every engraving project easy. With the Max rotary engraving machine, you can engrave logos and text on mugs, jewelry, bowls, steins, cups and much more.  All of these premium features are complemented by a limited two year warranty.

Special Features

8″ x 12″ aluminum flatbed table with material guides

Engraving speeds up 10″ per second

Red laser pointer for easy job set-up

Self-centering vise with cones for holding round items

Includes NEW Series 4 Controller

A built-in cylindrical feature for engraving round items

Runs directly from a desktop or laptop PC using Vision Software, CorelDRAW™, Flexi-Sign™, SignLAB™, EngraveLAB™, Enroute™, Type 3™ and many other software packages

2-year Limited Warranty

Made in the U.S.A