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The Compact Engraving Solution


If you’re looking for a way to engrave trophies, gifts, jewelry, lamacoid tags, signage, or nearly any smaller object, then a rotary-based small engraving machine is an ideal solution. Rotary technology is the most versatile in the market and still remains a preferred choice among engravers due to its heavy-duty design and far-reaching application.

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Range of Materials


One of the main reasons why rotary engraving machines remain the preferred choice among professionals is that with its heavy-duty spindles, they are effective on a wider range of materials than other engravers. From delicate engraving on wood and plastic to deep metal engraving on stainless steel, rotary engravers can do it all.


An engraver is likely to encounter several different materials throughout their projects, and having one small engraving machine that can do it all is ideal; an engraving machine for stainless steel that can engrave on softer materials too allows for far more versatility. The most notable surfaces and materials that a small engraving machine is capable of engraving includes:


  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium


By being able to work on such a wide range of surfaces, our Phoenix 1212 and VE-810 machines are the perfect solution for projects such as engraving on:


  • Drinking flasks
  • Legend plates
  • Signage
  • Parts marking
  • Jewelry
  • Firearms marking
  • ADA braille signs
  • Wood marking
  • Awards
  • Name Badges
  • Deep metal cutting
  • And more!

The Vision Phoenix 1212


The first engraving machine for stainless steel and other materials that we would like to highlight is the Phoenix 1212 from Vision Engraving Systems – an American company that produces all of its products in the United States.


The Phoenix 1212 comes standard with a 12″ x 12″ aluminum T-slot table, which can be removed to add an optional vice that is ideal for a wider range of items, such as jewelry, flasks, and wedding gifts among others. The vice is designed to hold objects as think as 3¼”.


The Phoenix 1212 comes with an electronic proximity sensor that automatically adjusts the surface setting, making precise work easy – even for beginners. It also has a red laser pointer to ensure that every job is easy to set up. Once the object is in the correct position, the quick-lock vice firmly holds it so that you can begin.


Every Phoenix 1212 small engraving machine comes with a 11/64″ or 1/4″ top-loading spindle, with an optional collet spindle to make metal engraving even easier.


The VE-810


The next engraving and lamacoid tag machine that we would like to discuss is the VE-810. It is the ideal small-space engraving solution allowing for precise work on the 8″ x 10″ engraving area. It also comes with a T-slot table to allow for engraving on non-basic objects – 1″ spindle clearance. Add the optional Deep Vise to be able to work on objects 3¼” thick, with self-centering capability.


Similar to the Vision Phoenix, the VE-810 also comes standard with a laser pointer to make setting up a task easier, along with a state-of-the-art electronic system and easy-to-read LED screen – making it perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. The system allows for independent Z-axis spindle control and all of the features needed to complete a job to perfection.


Both the VE-810 and the Phoenix 1212 engraving and lamacoid tag machine systems come with an ethernet connection to be able to use it alongside Vision’s engraving and routing software, which includes Visions Express, Vision PRO, and Vision Expert.


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