Small Engraving Machine Buying Guide

Small Engraving Machine Buying Guide
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Buying a Small Engraving Machine

Engraving is sometimes thought of as a field that is only accessible to a handful of professionals. However, the truth is that with the modern machines and software from Vision Engraving Systems, supplied by Great Lakes Engraving Solutions, anyone can produce quality finished products with precise engraving. With a small engraving machine that we supply, you can tackle any small-scale project with confidence and ease.

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Our small engraving machine range is an ideal solution for small-scale projects, and because of its size, the machines can even be used as a mobile solution. The rotary technology of a small engraving machine means that there aren’t any special requirements such as venting, making it a perfect addition to any work space.


The range and capabilities of the small-format engravers will be explored below to help you make an informed purchase.



Small Engraving Machine Options

Our small-format engravers are ones that have a compact design, ideal for engraving on a single item or potentially several small items. Their size also means that they can easily fit into any space and are equipped with easy-to-use controls and LED screens.


We offer two main small-format engravers from the reputable manufacturer, Vision. They are as follows:


VE 810:

This small engraving machine has several features such as a red laser pointer for easy alignment, a quiet operational level, an ethernet connection, and a revolutionary electronic control system. Optional Deep Vise attachment for odd-shaped objects up to 3 ¼” deep. The engraving area is 8″ x 10″.  


Phoenix 1212:

With electronic sensors and a red laser pointer, setting up a job is simple. With the optional Deep Vise attachment, you can engrave on unusually shaped objects up to 3 ¼”. The Phoenix 1212 comes with a Series 4 hand-held controller, allowing for job customization anywhere, as well as an ethernet connection. A quick lock vise can securely lock objects such as jewelry in place. 12″ x 12″ engraving area with T-slot table.  


If an engraving area of 8″ x 10″ or 12″ x 12″ is perfect for your needs, then either one of these machines can be ideal. But don’t let their size fool you; every Vision engraver is built to be a workhorse.




Capabilities of Small-Format Engravers

The VE 810 and Phoenix 1212 machines are based on rotary technology. A rotary engraver has several benefits that are unmatched in the realm of engravers that allow it to work on a wide range of materials, and thanks to its precise execution, a wide range of projects.


The high-performance spindles found in our small-format machines can engrave on and fabricate materials such as:


  • – Soft and hard wood 
  • – Plastic such as lamacoid, PVC, polypropylene, and many more 
  • – A range of metals such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, silver, gold, and more 
  • – Glass 


By being able to work on basically any commonly used material, it allows our small-format engravers to do a multitude of tasks. Some of the projects that our machines can make quick work of include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • – Signs 
  • – Jewelry engraving 
  • – ADA Braille 
  • – Wood engraving 
  • – Plaques and trophies 
  • – Parts marking 
  • – Plastic engraving 
  • – Tags 
  • – Control panels 
  • – Medals 
  • – And much more 


For ADA-compliant braille engraving, both the Phoenix 1212 and the VE 810 can be equipped with an Automatic Raster Braille Insertion Tool to allow for braille signage, including automatic raster insertion for ease-of-use.  


The state-of-the-art Vision software that comes standard with all Vision systems is designed with compatibility in mind. While it’s easy to create a project with the software, you can import projects from a variety of other popular programs such as Flexipro, Corel Draw, Cadlink, Auto-Cad, and many more.




Why Great Lakes?

With over 30 years in the industry, backed by Vision with over 37 years in the industry, Great Lakes Engraving Solutions has built their reputation on durable, reliable, American-made products. We put our customers first to provide you with the best customer care from a local business. Vision holds the same values and dedicate themselves to providing prompt and efficient customer care.


Since the manufacturing happens locally in Phoenix, AZ, you have the luxury of dealing with local representatives and local logistics. This means that parts can be shipped quickly and without any additional charges incurred from ordering overseas parts.


Additionally, we can provide you or your business with training on how to use your engraver to its maximum potential. We also provide training for new employees if the need arises.


Get in touch with Great Lakes Engraving Solutions today at 419.787.3882, or alternatively send us an email at We are ready to help you choose your ideal engraving machine. 


Below is a chart for the different types of Vision engraving machines for sale from Great Lakes Engraving Solutions. If you have any questions about which machine is right for your needs, please do not hesitate to call!

Machine Model # Engraving Area Plastic/Metal Z Clearance Max Z mvmt
VE-810 8″ x 10″ YES 3.5′ with Vise 1.25″
Phoenix 1212 12″ x 12″ YES 3.5′ with Vise 1.25″
1612 Pro* 16″ x 12″ YES Up to 7” 1.875”
1624 Pro* 16″ x 24″ YES Up to 7” 1.875”
1624 Router** 16″ x 24″ YES 7” or 10” 7” or 10”
2424 Engraver 24″ x 24″ YES 2.00” 1.875”
2448 Engraver 24″ x 48″ YES 2.00” 1.875”
2525 Router** 25″ x 25″ YES 7” or 10” 7” or 10”
2550 Router** 25″ x 50″ YES 7” or 10” 7” or 10”
VR48** 48″ x 96″ YES 7” or 10” 7” or 10”
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