The Right Metal Engraving Machine for Your Business

metal engraving machine
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Finding the Right Machine for Your Needs


When first stepping into the word of engraving, one of the biggest questions is “what type of engraving machine should I get?” It’s a question that has many possible answers based on the requirements of the individual or company looking to expand their capabilities and services. According to a 2018 engraving service industry report, the field saw robust growth as more people are looking to create a unique product that stands above the rest. To help with your decision making, we will discuss the most versatile metal engraving machine: the rotary engraving machine.



Rotary Metal Engraving Machine Overview



Even with the rising popularity in recent years of laser engraving systems, the rotary systems – which makes use of a wide range of motor-powered spindles to “rout” or cut into the material – remain the popular choice for one simple reason: they provide the most versatile application. Whether you need to engrave into acrylic, stainless steel, wood, plastic, or aluminum among others, a metal engraving machine is the perfect tool for the job and the reason why it’s a popular solution to this day.


Engraving in the past required great skill and craftsmanship, but today with an automated CNC metal engraving machine (computer numeric control), nearly anyone can use the machine with a little training. A rotary engraver can be used for a variety of purposes from light- to heavy-duty materials, including engraving:


  • Plaques
  • Notary seals
  • Deep metal cutting
  • Trophies
  • Tools
  • Gift items
  • Tags
  • Parts marking
  • ADA-compliant braille signage
  • Plastic and wood work
  • Control panels


These are just a few of the applications for a CNC metal engraving machine such as the 1612/1624 Pro Engraver manufactured by Vision Engraving and Routing Systems.



Vision Engraving Systems



Great Lakes Engraving Solutions have partnered with a manufacturer that has over 30 years’ experience: Vision Engraving and Routing Systems. Even after three decades, some of their first customers are using the same machines to this day.


Their quality craftsmanship’s foundation lies in two areas:  the metal engraving machine for sale are made locally in the U.S., and the business has been family run since its creation, ensuring that the company’s ideals and quality are kept intact.


The following explores the two different series from Vision Engraving and Routing Systems that we will discuss today.



Midsize and Large Format Engraving Machines



The first metal engraving machine for sale on Great Lakes Engraving Solutions is the 1600 Pro series. It comes in two models: 1612 Pro, and 1624 Pro. The number represents its dimensions; the 1612 Pro is 16″x12″, and the 1624 Pro is 16″x24″. These machines are designed to be an all-round engraving solution.


We also offer two large format engraving machines models: the 2424, and the 2448. As with our previously mentioned models, the name represents the dimensions; 24″x24″ and 24″x48″. They are designed to be heavy-duty machines, but they are more than capable of performing task that requires a light touch. Ideally, the 2424 and the 2448 can be used for bigger projects, such as large signage, or for high-volume production – using the size to complete several smaller tasks at once.


Vision also has Routers that can be used as heavy duty metal engravers. These systems offer several advantages over the Engravers. One they offer more Z-clearance and Z movement standard at 7 inches and the ability to go to 10 inches of Z movement and clearance. Two, you can add High powered router motors, Oscillating knife and Digital cameras for doing print to cut.


All of the Vision models we have discussed today have the following features:


  • Ideal for engraving on acrylic, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, plastic – nearly every material you can think of
  • Gantry can be raised by as much as 10″, allowing for engraving of items up to 10″ thick
  • Two-year warranty
  • Laser pointer for dry run test
  • Hand-held controller
  • Over 60 import filters, allowing for importing from nearly any third-party program, including Corel Draw, Adobe, and Auto-Cad
  • Strongest stock spindle in the industry
  • Automatic ADA-compliant braille mode




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