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Find Out Why a Vision CNC Router Might be Best for Your Engraving Applications


What’s best for your engraving needs? Chances are, a CNC router might fit the bill. Vision’s computerized CNC routers and engraving equipment can handle many different applications. There are several reasons why Vision Routers make the best engraving machines:


Precision movement allows for detailed engraving


The CNC router systems are made with very small movements in the X, Y and Z Axis. What this allows for is high quality engraving, when routing you don’t need nearly the fine movement when engraving a tenth of inch character. With the Vision Routers you have the same precision movement that you have with Visions engraving machines.


Achieve consistent engraving with Proximity Sensors


All of Vision CNC Routers come with Proximity sensors when using the engraving head/spindle. What this allows for is consistent engraving depth across the entire engraving area. When engraving into engraving material (sometimes referred to as Lamicoid) it is imperative to engrave at the proper depth. For example when using a Matte finish engraving material the top cap is generally .003 thick. When considering that all of the engraving tools are a V bit, the deeper you go the wider the engraving, a .004 depth difference can mean a difference in the appearance of the engraving.


The proximity sensor also allows for any unevenness in the router table. Most Routers unless planed are usually .005-.010 off from one side of the table to the other side of the table. Since the proximity sensor resets the “Z” every time the spindle tools up and down, you get an even depth across the entire area of the table.


CNC routers can get any job done


Since you can use the Routers as an industrial engraver you can use them for all the applications that can be done with our industrial strength machines (the 1612 and larger).


These applications range from:


– ADA/Braille Signage. Once the software is put into Braille mode the software automatically creates a ADA compliant sign, with all sizing and spacing respected according to the ADA regulations.

– Deep metal and diamond drag engraving.

– All types of Plastic/Lamicoid signage, nameplates, control panels, push/pull plates. And any type of industrial/retail tags or signs.

– Industrial/Metal Engraving. All types of stainless, aluminum, and any type of metal tagging for serial plates used in an industrial/manufacturing environment.


You are not limited by file type


The machines all have the capability of importing just about any type of file, examples of this could be a .dxf file out of Autocad, a .plt out of Corel Draw, a .AI file out of Adobe, to name just a few.


Easy-to-use software make achieving your applications a breeze


The CNC router machines all come with the software, tools and everything you will need except the computer, which can be any computer with a windows 7 operating system or later as well as an available USB and Ethernet hub.


In person training will get you up and running in no time


We pride on ourselves on our ability of being able to train just about anybody on how to use the machine for whatever application or applications you may be buying the machine for. If you have some basic computer knowledge you will be up and running the day of the training.


Made in the USA


The support comes from both the factory (Vision Engraving Systems) and Great Lakes. All machines ship direct from the factory in Phoenix Arizona, all machines are made in the U.S.A , and the support department is the best out there. The factory has been making engraving machines for 32 years and Great Lakes Engraving Solutions, has 25 years of experience.  


The following are the CNC Routers that Vision Engraving and Routing Systems sells:


Model # Routing Engraving Z-clearance Engraving Area max z movement
1624 Router** YES YES 7″ or 10″ 16″ x 24″ 7″ or 10″
2525 Router** YES YES 7″ or 10″ 25″ x 25″ 7″ or 10″
2550 Router** YES YES 7″ or 10″ 25″ x 50″ 7″ or 10″
VR48** YES YES 7″ or 10″ 48″ x 96″ 7″ or 10″

**Denotes Rotary attachment, automatic braille insertion, Hi Frequency Router Head , DACS (print to cut applications),  and a Oscillating Knife available to be added at time of purchase or after the machine is in place.


Great Lakes Engraving Solutions is an authorized distributor for Vision Engraving Systems. Vision Engraving Systems has been manufacturing Engraving and CNC Routing systems for 34 years. They started by manufacturing engraving systems and within the last 10 years have perfected their CNC Routing Systems as well.


For more information on Vision routers, click here or call 419-787-3882 for details and a free quote.


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