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Metal Plate Engraving Machine Applications and Options

Metal Plate Engraving

Metal Plate Engraving Machine Overview

Mechanical engraving machines are specialized products that serve a particular purpose. Interested buyers are in search for an engraver that can easily accomplish the tasks they require, and potentially be suitable for other applications, too. For professional and private metal plate engraving, there are several factors to consider before investing into a particular model or size.


On this page, we will explore what type of metal engraving machine you should be considering based on the type and volume of metal plate engraving that you require.

Mechanical Metal Engraving Machine (Rotary)

We supply only the best mechanical CNC metal plate engraving systems, which are made in the U.S. by our partners, Vision Engraving Systems. When you buy our machines, you know that you are receiving a quality product made entirely in the United States.


Mechanical, or rotary, engraving machines provide you with a heavy-duty, versatile system that is capable of much more than shallow and deep metal engraving; it is an optimal system for a wide range of materials from soft plastics and acrylic to some of the toughest metals such as titanium and stainless steel. Engraved name plates may be what you are initially using the machine for, but thanks to the versatility of rotary engraving machines, you may find several uses for your machine.


Engraved name plates can serve multiple purposes including the following:


– Medical I.D. necklaces and bracelets

– Nameplates for horse tack

– Pet I.D. tags

– Serial plates for engines, control panels, motors, pumps, vehicles, etc.

– Instructional plates

– Corporate gifts

– Office and desk nameplates

– Branding

– Shelf labels

– And more


With the capabilities of a rotary or mechanical engraving machine in mind, we will take a look at the various sizes and their optimal application with regards to metal plate engraving, below.

New to engraving?

Keep reading for an insight into the two main types of metal engraving machine applications and an overview of the metal engraving machines for sale.

If you have any questions about our machines or their applications, do not hesitate to call us at 419.787.3882.

First up is our range of small format or compact engravers. They are an ideal solution for those who have limited space but still require a powerhouse machine. Moreover, they are compact enough to be portable making them highly versatile. Smaller jobs such creating small industrial plates or tags can be done with ease with this machine, even “on the spot”.


Some of the small format machines we offer include the Vision Phoenix 1212 and the VE-810. The number refers to the size of the engraving table; the Phoenix 1212 is 12″ x 12″, and the VE-810 is 8″ x 10″.


Both have optional Deep Vice attachments that alter the work platform to accommodate for items up to 3¼” thickness. The VE-810 comes with an easy-to-read LED screen and front panel controls, making it ideal for portable work. Similarly, the Phoenix 1212 has a hand-held controller to make jobs easy to manage. Both systems have an ethernet port to allow faster job loading time and the ability to add more functionality to the system.

If your projects require more workable space, then our midsize engravers may be ideal. With a larger size comes a stronger gantry and more horsepower.


In our line of midsize Vision engravers, we have the 1612 Pro and the 1624 Pro. The 1612 Pro boasts an engraving area of 16″ x 12″. The 1624 Pro provides you with an even longer engraving area: 16″ x 24″. With this extra size, one is able to complete several name plates simultaneously with great precision.


As with the small format models, the 1612 and 1624 Pro come equipped with laser to ensure that everything is lined up perfectly, as well as the CNC software by Vision. The Deep Vice allows for work on objects of up to 3¼” thickness.

High volume jobs or engraving on large items requires an efficient machine capable of handling all of your applications. Our range of Vision large format engravers are an ideal solution for high-demand projects.


To complete high-volume jobs or to be able to engrave on large objects, we supply the 2525 and 2550 routers/engravers. They boast an astounding 25″ x 25″ and 25″ x 50″ engraving area, respectively. With these industrial grade machines, no task is too big.


These systems allow the operator to use the system as an engraver and router. It takes just five minutes to change out the heavy duty engraving head with the 3 HP router head. This opens up the machine to not only do all your engraving applications but also all routing options as well. These can be routing out letters, cutting wood, acrylic, aluminum and many other substrates. This is only the beginning of what the machine can do from a routing aspect.


As with the previously discussed models, the laser pointer comes standard to be able to do dry runs and ensure that everything is lined up, as well as all of the software capabilities of other models. Items as thick as 3.5″ can be engraved by using the optional risers. It also has an optional Automatic Raster Braille Inserter, which allows for automatic braille bead insertion.

If you require a metal engraver that can work on metal of all shapes and sizes, then our range of specialty engravers are ideal. The mutli-axis platform of the Max Engraver and the Max Pro Engraver comes with a built-in surface sensor and cylindrical capabilities and features.  


The Max and Max Pro are equipped with an 8″ x 12″ flatbed table that comes with material guides. The machines can engrave at an impressive 6″ per second, making high volume work quick. They come standard with all of the software needed to do complex engraving.


For more information about Vision engraving machines and how they can help you achieve your business applications, contact us today!

Metal Plate Engraving Machine Options

Below is a chart for the different types of machines we have and the appropriate application for the specific machine, either diamond drag or deep metal engraving (or both).

Model # of Machine Engraving Area Diamond Drag Deep Metal Engraving Z-Clearance Max Z Movement
VE-810 8” x 10” Yes Small Volumes 3.5” with Vise 1.25”
Phoenix 1212 12” x 12” Yes Small Volumes 3.5” with Vise 1.25”
1612 Pro* 16” x 12” Yes Yes Up to 7” with Risers 1.875”
1624 Pro* 16” x 24” Yes Yes Up to 7” with Risers 1.875”
1624 Router** 16” x 24” Yes Yes 7” or 10” 7” or 10”
2525 Router** 25” x 25” Yes Yes 7” or 10” 7” or 10”
2550 Router** 25” x 50” Yes Yes 7” or 10” 7” or 10”
VR48** 48” x 96” Yes Yes 7” or 10” 7” or 10”

*Denotes Rotary attachment available.

**Denotes rotary attachment and high frequency router head available.

Questions? Call Us!

If you have any questions about our machines or their applications, do not hesitate to call us at 419.787.3882.