Jewelry Engraving Machine Applications

Jewelry Engraving Machine Overview

Jewelry is often purchased as a meaningful gift. Being able to custom engrave a personal message or meaning on such an item can greatly add to its personal value. With our selection of American-made jewelry engraving machine systems, you can engrave any message or symbol on an item of jewelry, thus adding value to the products you offer your customer.


In this applications page, we will examine what an engraving machine for jewelry is capable of, and which machine would best suit your needs.

Why Use a Rotary Engraving Machine for Jewelry?

Rotary, or mechanical, engraving machines have been the staple for professional engravers for many years. Even with the advent of new technology, rotary technology remains the best system for jewelry engraving due to its ability to work on nearly any material. A jewelry engraving machine is ideally suited to work on materials commonly used in jewelry such as:


– Stainless steel

– Brass

– Crystal

– Silver

– Gold

– Glass


Metal, wood, and plastic are favored materials that a jewelry engraving machine can work on. This means that even if your initial plan is to use your engraver for jewelry, you are not limited to just jewelry.


The shape of the object you wish to engrave is not a concern; a ring engraving machine such as the ones in our range of Vision Engraving and Routing Systems allow you to effortlessly engrave on irregular-shaped objects – even on the inside of a ring.


By choosing a rotary jewelry engraving machine, you cut out the cost of operating laser engravers, and avoid the harmful fumes that are created through the use of a laser on some materials.

New to engraving?

Flip through the sections below to get a better understanding of the different sizes of our different engraving machines and their capabilities.

If you have any questions about our machines or their applications, do not hesitate to call us at 419.787.3882.

Need a small-sized engraver that is both reliable and portable? Our small-format rotary engraving machines are an ideal combination of power and mobility. The two main machines that we offer in this range include the VE 810 (8″ x 10″) and the Phoenix 1212 (12″ x 12″).


Operating the machines is made easy with the LED panel controls making it possible to engrave even without a computer handy. Ideal for single engraving tasks. Deep Vice capable of engraving items up to 3.5” thick.

Midsize engravers are a popular choice because it provides a great balance between workload and capability. The two systems that we supply include the 1612 Pro (16″ x 12″) and the 1624 Pro (16″ x 24″).


The larger size of the machines allows you to work on several items at the same time, saving you a great deal of time and labor in larger-scale projects.

Our selection of large engravers is designed to perform in high-demand commercial settings where quantity and quality are equally important. The larger size of the machine equates to greater horsepower and a stronger gantry.


The large engraving machines that we supply include the 2424 Engraver and the 2448 Engraver. The actual engraving table size of these two units are 24″ x 24″ and 24″ x 48″, respectively. No project is too big for these machines to complete, and in record time.

When it comes to engraving on all types and sizes of jewelry, there is no better system than our specialty engravers. If you are looking for a ring engraving machine that is capable of engraving on the inside of a ring or any other irregularly shaped object, then the Max Engraver or the Max Pro Engraver is your ideal solution.


The machines are capable of not only engraving on odd-shaped items, but they can also easily transition into a standard flat T-slot table. Speed is also not a concern for these systems as they have an up to 6″ per second engraving speed.


The Max Engraver boasts an 8″ x 12″ engraving table, and can accommodate objects with 11″ diameter and 11″ thickness. The Max Pro Engraver offer the same workable area and can also work on glass exceptionally well, as well as any jewelry-sized object.

Sizes and Capabilities of Our Machines

Thanks to the design of the Deep Vice – an optional extra for all of our engraving machines – you are able to firmly clamp objects such as pens, pendants, watches, and other similarly shaped items. The Deep Vice allows you to work on objects up to 10″ thick.


We offer rotary engraving machines of all sizes: from our portable 8″ x 10″ engraver to a powerhouse boasting a 24″ x 48″ work area. For intricate jewelry engraving, look no further than our specialty engraving machines that allow for work on even the most unusual object or place.


The following explores the jewelry engraving machine line that we offer through our partners, Vision Engraving and Routing Systems.

Model # of Machine Engraving Area Diamond Drag Deep Metal Engraving Z-Clearance Max Z Movement
VE-810 8” x 10” Yes Small Volumes 3.5” with Vise 1.25”
Phoenix 1212 12” x 12” Yes Small Volumes 3.5” with Vise 1.25”
1612 Pro* 16” x 12” Yes Yes Up to 7” with Risers 1.875”
1624 Pro* 16” x 24” Yes Yes Up to 7” with Risers 1.875”
1624 Router** 16” x 24” Yes Yes 7” or 10” 7” or 10”
2525 Router** 25” x 25” Yes Yes 7” or 10” 7” or 10”
2550 Router** 25” x 50” Yes Yes 7” or 10” 7” or 10”
VR48** 48” x 96” Yes Yes 7” or 10” 7” or 10”

*Denotes Rotary attachment available.

**Denotes rotary attachment and high frequency router head available.

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If you have any questions about our machines or their applications, do not hesitate to call us at 419.787.3882.