Engraving Machines for Small Business

engraving machines for small business
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Engraving Machines for Small Business: Name Tags, Plates, Panels, and More

Great Lakes Engraving Solutions is an authorized distributor for Vision Engraving Systems. Vision manufactures engraving machines for small business in sizes ranging from 8”x10”  up to 4’X8’ routers. The machines are all made in the U.S.A. and are backed by the best technical department in the industry.

I know that anyone can say this, but it really is true. Vision is a family owned business for 33 years and they have become the number one manufacturer of engraving machines in the U.S., the growth of the company has been largely due to the quality of machine they make and the service after the sale.


All of our engraving machines for small business have been sold for many different applications. The tag size can be as small as you want them to be to as large as the engraving machine you purchase. For example a 1624 pro machine can make up to a 16”X24” plate. Some of the most common applications are for plastic engraving machines and Lamicoid engraving machines are:


  • Tags of all types such as name tags, desk plates, interior/way finding signage
  • ADA and braille signage, our Vision expert and pro software has a built in ADA Pilot that when put in the ADA mode will automatically construct a compliant ADA sign.
  • Industrial plastic and lamicoid tags and plates of all sizes, examples of this are push button tags, electrical tags, control panels for boats, RV’s, trucks, cars and any type of vehicle.
  • Tags for pumps, valves, and any type of part.
  • Literally any type of plastic material as long as the substrate is flat


ROI: How to factor the profitability or savings by doing the engraving in house


Retail Application

Factoring how much the raw material will cost you is contingent on a few things:


  1. How thick of material you will need (mast popular is 1/16”)
  2. Interior or exterior material
  3. Whether or not you need adhesive on the back


Average cost per square inch when you buy it in a sheet size starting at 1’X2’, 1/16” thickness with no adhesion is between 3.5 to 4.5 cents. So a 1”x3” name tag would be 12 cents for the raw material and 20 cents for an adhesive pin that goes on the back. So for a name tag with pin that you pay approximately 32 cents can be sold anywhere from $2.50 to $5.00 or more.


Industrial Application


When factoring a 1”X2” tag for equipment the cost would be 8 cents (2 square inches times 4 cents). So 8 cents raw material cost times your labor cost. Time involved with engraving a sheet of 1”X2” tags would take roughly 30 seconds per tag and that would be with 20-25 characters per tag. The cost you can charge for this can vary greatly, however usually it could be one dollar to much higher based on quantity the customer is getting at one time.




To play this out if you are thinking about bringing the engraving of tags in house, in our example I will use the above 1”X2” tag size, 1/16” thickness with no adhesive. Raw material cost 8 cents per tag plus whatever labor rate is applicable for your company. If you are doing 200 tags a month, we will use your tag cost of $2.00 each with a  monthly cost of 400.00, raw material cost of $16.00, this would be a savings of 384.00 per month. So if you where to buy our VE-810, approximate cost $7200, it would take 19 months to reach ROI. Of course this does not factor in labor cost but gives you an idea.



If you’d like to know more about specific engraving machines for small business, their applications, and for a quote, don’t hesitate to call today at 419.787.3882 or fill out our online contact form here.

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