Engraving Machine for Plastic Labels and Tag Engraving

engraving machine for plastic labels
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Capabilities of the American-Made Vision Engravers


Engraving may once have been a field that only a few dared enter due to the skill required by the engraver to produce professional results, but with the ease of use of modern-day engraving machines, anyone can bring their vision to life. Today, it’s completely feasible for a novice to purchase an engraving machine for plastic labels and be able to work at professional standards with just a little training. In this article, we will examine the engraving machines for tags and plastic labels that we supply – exploring their capabilities, cost effectiveness, the training that we offer, and why our machines are the ideal solution.

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Great Lakes Engraving Solutions


Before we dive into the application and capabilities our tag engraving machines, we would like to share our ongoing commitment to our community. We have been in operation for more than 17 years, supplying the best, American-made engraving machines. Our partners, Vision Engraving, started their family-run business supplying durable, reliable engravers over 34 years ago. Some of their first customers are still using the same machine they bought 30 years ago. We continue to bring this quality to each of our clients.




The Capabilities of a Vision Engraving Machine for Plastic Labels


You can take control of your tag engraving and plastic labeling needs by investing into our proudly-American systems, helping to lower costs and streamline your projects. While a lamacoid engraving machine will be used for applications such as creating tags for push buttons, ADA Braille signage, or a variety of plastic labelling, an engraving machine for plastic labels by Vision Engraving can do the same precise work on nearly any material including stainless steel, aluminum, wood, and literally anything that you can hold down.


The types of plastic that are frequently engraved on include polypropylene, PVC, acrylic, engraving plastic (Referred to as lamicoids sometimes) and composites. The impressive z-clearance on our rotary engravers means that you aren’t limited to just flat surface engraving; ranging from 3.5″ to 10″, the vice and risers allow for work on any shape or size object. No matter the project, our range of machines can fit your specific needs – matching table and vice sizes, and output to your requirements.


Comprehensive software, integrated LED screens, and handheld controllers help to make even your starting project easy to manage, and gives veteran engravers the capabilities needed to do precise work. This is a turnkey situation, all you have to provide is a PC computer.




Training Offered


Never used a rotary engraver before? Thanks to how easy a Vision lamacoid engraving machine is to use, we offer basic training to help any individual break into the engraving field – whether for personal or professional use. Doug Jerabek, the owner of Great Lakes Engraving Solutions, personally sees to all of the training on the use of an engraving machine for plastic labels, or any application that the durable machines are capable of.


For questions or a quote, call Doug Jerabek at 419-787-3882 or email ddjerabek@bex.net.

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